10 Best Earbuds for Working Out 2016

Working out is a great way to increase strength and coordination while relieving stress. Having music with you can enhance that experience whether you’re enjoying the fast pace of Zumba or the relaxation of yoga. And we’ve got you covered if you prefer earbuds over regular headphones. The best earbuds for working out deliver sound exactly where you need it- inside your ears – to keep you ready for the workout ahead.

The market offers so many different headphones that choosing the perfect one can be difficult. That’s why we’ve done the research for you. We found the most important characteristics, poured over manufacturer’s data, and talked to other users so you don’t have to.

We then compiled all of that info into a user-friendly guide that is sure help you decide which are the best earbuds for you. We even explore our top three picks in depth to give you a better idea of what to expect.

Things to Consider for Workout Earbuds

  • Style. Like most things, earbuds have evolved since their creation in the 1980s. Although the speaker component, the cans if we were discussing traditional headphones, all sit inside your ear, there is still room for a wide variety of structural designs. Some earbuds are held in place by small earhooks; others don’t. There are so many designs available that you’re sure to find the perfect fit.
  • Comfort. Earbuds come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The earbuds are shaped like mushrooms, others are like evergreen trees; each shape fits you differently. The best earbuds for working out will fit snugly but not pinch or be painful. Several tips are usually included so that you can find the size that fits your ear canal.
  • Sound Quality. Clear balanced sound is important whether you’re listening to your favorite opera, audiobook, or workout music. Distorted, garbled, or unnaturally harsh tones are annoying and can easily disrupt an otherwise good workout. Punchy lows combined with intense mids and highs usually round out a pleasant listening experience.

Top 10 Workout Earbuds Ultimate Chart

Picture Name Connection Price Rating
Picture Name Connection Price Rating
1. JayBird
BlueBuds X
Bluetooth $$$$ 4.5
2. Bose SIE2i
Wired $$$ 4.3
3. Sennheiser
CX 685
Bluetooth $$ 4.1
4. BlueAnt Pump Bluetooth $$$ 3.8
5. Philips
Wired $ 3.8
6. MEElectronics Sport-Fi M6 Wired $ 3.8
7. Sony MDRJ10 Wired $ 3.8
8. Powerbeats2
Bluetooth $ 3.7
9. Yurbuds
Wired $$ 3.6
10. Jabra ROX

Bluetooth $$$$ 3.6

Top 3 Best Earbuds for Working Out

1. JayBird BlueBuds

The versatile fit and impressive sound of the BlueBuds X Sport make these the best earbuds for working out.

JayBird’s superb sound engineering keeps songs sounding as clear and punchy as the artist intended. Pop was exemplified by its dramatic highs and lows, you couldn’t miss any of classical’s intricate chord changes, and rap didn’t miss a beat.

We found no distortion at high volumes, and BlueBuds X’s secure fit maintains equalized sound in both ears. With these you definitely won’t have to worry about loose earbuds that change the dynamics of your music.

The rubberized band connecting the earpieces is short enough to stay out of the way but long enough so that it can fit under your chin or behind your neck. The cable is also adjustable so that it can sit above or below your ear. You’ll be able to create the perfect fit whether you’ve got your hair in a ponytail, you’re wearing a mask, or even if you’re sporting a baseball cap.

The adaptable shape and great sound quality makes the BlueBuds X a fantastic choice if you’re interested in a solid reliable product that packs superb sound.

2. Bose SIE2i

Bose products are known to perform well so we weren’t at all surprised that the SIE2 outshined most of the other exercise earbuds. They’re durable enough to take anywhere and the sound completely immerses you.

The SIE2 satisfies people who like short cords as well as those who prefer long cords. A short cable comes standard but the box includes a longer extension you can add when needed. The thick weighty cables stay tangle free throughout every activity making them super comfortable and unopposing.

We liked the way they delivered clear orchestral-like sound even at the highest volumes. Although we noticed the sound focuses on low-mid frequencies the bass tones seem to compliment it well.

Bose SIE2 packs great sound in a simple design. They are an all-around top performer no matter where your workout takes you.

3. Sennheiser CX

Perfect sound melds with absolute comfort in our runner-up. The Sennheiser CX 685 is sure to satisfy if your main priority is sound performance.

Exercise headphones are often bass-heavy and compete with the vocals and kick drums. Songs that combine heavy bass and extreme treble often sound muddied and unnatural. This is not the case with this Sennheiser.

Low-end frequencies are powerful and dynamic. High-end frequencies are crisp and evenly balanced. The result is a smooth sound that keeps you interested. This is especially true with electronic and pop tracks that contain a wide range of frequencies, where other headphones lack definition.

The CX 685’s comfort is as equally pleasing as its acoustics. The black support fins fit neatly against your ear to provide even stabilization. All of the connections on this Sennheiser product are shock absorbent so the occasional tug isn’t going to pull them apart.

The CX 685 are perfect for the audiophile who just happens to be at the gym. If you’re the type of person who HAS to have music then these are the best workout earbuds for you.

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